Presentation Company

Company name  
Risk Factory
Management Consultancy
Dörfl 7
A 3281 Oberndorf an der Melk
+43 7483 20496
+43 664 1426520
+43 7483 20498
Social system  
limited liability company
Capital share  
EUR 35,000 - 100 % paid-up
100 % company owner  
Josef Schindlegger, born on March 4th, 1954  CurriculumVitae
EU - certificated actuary
Austrian citizen
Company registered in  
regional law court St. Pölten, Austria
Company number  
FN 198341 d
Line of business  
management consulting, restricted to insurance industry
Date of establishment  
July 28th, 2000
Managing director  
Josef Schindlegger
Collaborators in this moment  
5 actuaries with high experience in theory and especially in   practice in whole field of  insurance technics
3 IT-specialists, knowing insurance business very well
1 secretary
Clients in this moment in  
Bosnia, Croatia, Germany, Moldavia, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Austria